November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017 hcpadmin

US VR Global partners Korean brands for theme park in S’gor

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PETALING JAYA: US VR Global Inc has announced its technology partners for HERO CENTRAL, a virtual reality (VR) theme park that will be opening at Empire City, Damansara Shopping Mall, next year.

The company said today it had chosen Korean brands CJ 4DPLEX, d’strict and Funtory House.

CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s leading 4D cinema company, will be collaborating with US VR Global to help set up a VR roller coaster in HERO CENTRAL. This roller coaster will feature real-life images in order to increase the authenticity of the riders’ experience.

“What makes this partnership so compelling for consumers and the broader tech industry alike is that both companies are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – and bringing a VR roller coaster to life is certainly an exciting and thrilling proposition,” CJ 4DPLEX chief operating officer Cho Jung-Hoon said.

Designers d’strict will produce entertainment attractions to be showcased in HERO CENTRAL.

A litany of K-pop stars such as BIGBANG, G-Dragon, PSY, and 2NE1 will be featured. These attractions will be known as the “K-Pop Experience”, and will be created through the use of new media technology, holograms and 3D projection mapping.

“The use of our technology to enhance fans’ interaction with their pop idols certainly seemed to go down well with our audience outside of Korea,” d’strict chief executive officer Lee Sungho said.

US VR Global’s partnership with Funtory House will bring new media-based children’s playgrounds to HERO CENTRAL. These playgrounds will provide children with new experiences that will distinguish them from existing children’s playgrounds or cafés.

Funtory House CEO Bang Hyunwoo was enthusiastic about the prospect of expanding his company’s digital play content experience.

“We have no doubt that our partnership with US VR Global will bring early childhood education to a different level of excitement and fun amongst the Malaysian community,” he said.

Bang also said that Funtory House’s content is designed to help children develop various skills, having been developed by a team of specialists.

HERO CENTRAL is intended to serve as US VR Global’s entrance into the VR and augmented reality (AR) market.

It was announced earlier this year, and will include features worked on by award-winning designers and a world-class management team, as well as including top-of-the-line technology.